Mini Mood Board: April Review

This April marked the start of a NYC x SEA mood board collaboration with my partner in crime – Melanie Biehle. I met Melanie last year when I was doing some work with the fabulous Misses Tara and Kathleen of Braid Creative* and instantly became a fan of her blog posts, photographs and custom lookbook collages. Melanie happens to be a favored writer, blogger, photographer and artist from Seattle. She has a weekly design column for Seattle Refined and is a co-founder of We Are The Contributors, a publication for all types of artist/makers. 

Naturally, I wanted to figure out a way to work with Melanie. Once I got into the groove of doing these daily mood boards, I thought it would be fun to mix it up and bring on a weekly collaborator. For some stupid reason, I thought it would take a little pressure off producing seven posts a week by myself. In any case, its been fun to share this exquisite corpse game of visual metaphors with Melanie and get to know each other a bit better. The resulting image pairings are even better than I imagined.

Now, check out the favorites from this month. In light of Spring, there were a few flora and fauna-related posts like Nesting, Chaos, Botanicals and Scales, plus graphic-inspired ones like Glitch and Next Wave. I always like to explore something of the dark side and thus produced Black Magic, Envy and Mourning. Finally, my collaborations with Melanie resulted in Spilt Milk, Rain Dance, this month's astrological sign, Aries and Two Scoops. Can't wait to see what May looks like.

*On a side note, I highly recommend the Personal Branding e-courses from Braid Creative. They're fun, productive and inexpensive. And, if you're looking for a more personalize approach, they make kick-ass consultants.