Mini Mood Board: Envy

Envy, one of the Seven deadly sins of the Catholic Church. According to religious text, it's worse for our health than GMO's and aspartame. Envy is often associated with the evil eye, as well as ruining flesh and rotting bones. Certainly, Westerners will be familiar with the phrase "green with envy," which is illustrated in the mood board above. 

The sin must have been rampant in Shakespeare's time since the author referenced it in two of his works, Othello and The Merchant of Venice, as Portia states, "How all the other passions fleet to air, as doubtful thoughts and rash embraced despair and shuddering fear and green-eyed jealousy!" 

Although I have used envy and jealousy interchangeably to illustrate a point and name-drop Shakespeare, it is noted that they are, in fact, different. Jealousy refers to covetousness for one's own possessions, say a boyfriend; while envy is a resentment for other's people good fortune.

L) Model Heidi Mount. Photo by Marcus Ohlsson for Vs. Magazine, 2012
R) 7 Sins. Photo by James Brodribb for SHK #4