Mini Mood Board: Rhomboids

I personally love today’s Rhomboid post. I came across this lovely shot of the American Cement Building in LA. What’s gets me excited is that I used to live in this building when it was first converted. I remember when my former boyfriend and I were looking for a new, place to live. Although we had a great location in Santa Monica with gorgeous ocean views we needed more space to live/work. In NYC, people would have killed their BFF’s for a 1600 sq.ft. loft with 11th floor views and two parking spaces for a mere $1600/mth. Lucky for us, it was not your typical dream home for Angelenos, who tend to covet the hills or something with Spanish tiles. We snapped this baby up and had fabulous dinner parties here. Adult film start Nina Hartley was even one of our neighbors. The building and our apartment was covered in the May 2003 issue of Dwell Magazine. And, the parking garage was even featured in Kill Bill I. How cool is that!

L) American Cement Building, Los Angeles, 1964. Photo Simbiotek
R) Prada Fall 2012 Collection. Image via