Mini Mood Board: Internal Affairs

I’m always on the hunt for themes I can use to create these daily mood boards. I have a running list in case I run out of ideas, or time. Its not surprising then, that the more I’m doing the boards, the longer my list becomes. In other words, there are no shortage of ideas out there. The challenge comes in finding the two best images. I’m up to about 800 images on my secret Pinterest research board. 

I found this one as I was scanning one of my old sketchbooks. I have dozens of them to use for editorials, images, type, packaging, interiors and other inspirations. It started from the title of a lingerie editorial. Free association ideas included officers, 1950s G-Men, designer Thom Browne’s suits, retro desk sets. Of course my mind landed on the timely release of Mad Men’s final season starting this Sunday. Roger Sterling was a natural for the combo and I’m telling you I had to research scores of pictures. 

While I tried a few classic lingerie shots for the match up, I landed on this clever photo collage by Marko Rantanen. I liked the retro black & white look and it seemed like this repetitive line-up could be the female version of a G-Men shot.

L) Roger Sterling (aka John Slattery) from Mad Men on AMC. Image via
R) Lingerie editorial for A-Publications Finland. Photo by Marko Rantanen via Behance