Mini Moodboard: Supermarché Pt.1

It seems that the defining characteristic of suburbia is repetition of the mundane and artificial. That's why I had to get out. One has only to look at iconic photos of Levittown, NY with its identical houses or wander into any Costco. 

Having already mastered fast fashion for H&M, Karl Lagerfeld co-opts the design language of the suburbs in his Fall 2014 RTW show for Chanel. Here, he transformed the Grand Palais in Paris, into un grand supermarché and imagines the whole world as a double-C megastore. The shelves were complete with thousands of branded items from soda to dishwashing gloves. Of course, the clothes also reflected this suburban ethos with baggy workout wear and house coats to Hefty-bag  fabrics and sneakers (uncharacteristically, there were no stilettos shown).  

What shopping experience would be complete with out the endless rows of a parking lot to push one further into despair. Photographer Alex MacLean captures it perfectly in his photo from another all-American icon, Disney World.  

L) Chanel Fall 2014 RTW by Karl Lagerfeld. Photo by Stephane Mahe/Reuters
R) Houndstooth Pattern in Parking Lot at Disney World. Photo by Alex MacLean