Mini Moodboard: Out on a Limb

The Winter Olympics in Sochi have wrapped up and the Paralympics Games are on deck March 7-16. There are only five events – Alpine Skiing, Biathlon, Cross-Country Skiing, Ice Sledge Hockey and Wheelchair Curling. Wouldn't it be amazing to see technology and interest advance so that all fifteen of the disciplines were represented. In my search on the subject, I came across this beautiful concept for a figure skating prosthetic. 

Years ago, when I was an editor at I.D. Magazine, we published one of the first stories on runner and model Aimee Mullins. Lately, it seems there have been some very cool developments for both sporting prosthetics, as well as designer versions for the fashionista. 

I encourage you to check out The Alternative Limb Project by Sophie de Oliveira Barata. She's developed some gorgeous legs for artist and performer Viktoria Modesta, including the stereo leg (seen here) and a Swarovski crystal version for her performance in the London Paralympic Closing Ceremony.  

Now, 3D printing is bringing a whole new life to dimension to personal expression. Bespoke Fairings creates custom 3D-printed prosthetic coverings with intricate patterns, graphics and materials. It great to see all these advances "contribute to the positive perception of beauty and disabilities."

L) Victoria Modesta wearing the Stereo Leg. Prosthetic Limb by Sophie de Oliveira Barata
R) Aloft, Figure Skating Prosthetic. Concept by Yanin Alexa Kramsky