Mini Mood Board: Untitled 1

I'm ditching the expressed themes for a week and kicking off a series of "Untitled" postings. Since we all bring our own perceptions to art and design, I'd like to turn it over to you, dear reader, and know... What's your best guess? Scroll down to the bottom to find what we were thinking*

As always, thanks to Seattle-based creative, Melanie Biehle for being such a good sport. Her mood board collaborations continue to be a source of inspiration. Every Monday we trade off choosing a theme and image for the subsequent pairing. You can also find her on Instagram and Twitter @melaniebiehle for a peek into her many artist endeavors.

L) Blinded by the Light, 2014. Mixed Media Collage by Kelly O'Connor. Image via David Shelton Gallery. Source: The Jealous Curator
R) Stitched CMYK Colour Chart, 2011 by Evelin Kasikov 

*theme: patterns