Mini Moodboard: Magnetism

Key words: attraction, repulsion, electrostatic charge, currents, lightning, magic.
L) Dress from Wilderness Embodied Haute Couture collection, 2013. Designed by Iris van Herpen.
R) The Lightning Field, 1970-1977 by Walter de Maria. Earthwork with stainless steel poles at the Dia Art Foundation near Quemado, New Mexico. 

The image of this dress, generated by magnetic forces, has been lodged in my head since I saw it in July . I've intended to make a mini moodboard for some months, but couldn't quite make a connection. It finally struck me today (excuse the pun). Walter de Maria's The Lightning Field seems to make a perfect pairing. Both are generated by the phenomenon of attraction and repulsion. And, in each example, the artist has found a way to capture the forces of nature, however fleeting.