Mini Moodboard: Mind the Gap

A more playful version of Interstitial Spaces from yesterday.

The gap-toothed girl has become even more celebrated from the likes of Lauren Hutton to Lara Stone. Sometimes our imperfections are our best features. 

For the Zurich-Milano poster, designers Dafi Kühne and Marco Nicotra used Google Maps’ driv­ing direc­tions from Zurich to Milano. Kühne notes:

"From distance, that black heavy block is all you can see. Zurich looks a bit old-fash­ironed with that black­let­ter typeface. Milano a little fresher with that geomet­ric gothic. But still both are black and noth­ing special. Just if you get closer you can see that in between Zurich and Milano there is some­thing happen­ing. Like little neon sparks that show the fric­tion between Zurich and Milano."

keywords: aperture, divide, intermission
L) Gap Tooth Girl. Image source via Pinterest.
R) Zürich-Milano letterpress poster, 2011. By Dafi Kühne with Marco Nicotra.