Mini Moodboard: Interstitial Spaces

Seems like I'm back in Architecture school with these last few posts - topography, topology and interstices. While there are many definitions and references from biology to religion, for my purposes, I'm looking at it from a design/architectural perspective. 

Besides, it was a perfect chance to feature this tiny downtown museum called "Museum" that occupies an abandoned elevator shaft in NYC. A wonderful little secret, the kind that makes me love this city so. As their website states, "Our footprint, which is often overlooked, dismissed, or ignored, is intriguing, and always worth exploring." A perfect note for the post.

While the top image is a use of interstitial space, the second image seems like a commentary on them. I love how the gap in the photographic space between buildings becomes a ready vehicle for type. And the composition worked out too.

keywords: opening, interruption, intervention
T) "New York" Image source via Jan Beckermann
B) Image of museum by museum, via designboom