My 365 Creative Project for 2014

Hello 2014!

Like many other creative/optimists at this time of year, I'm doing 365-day project. It will be "A Year of Moodboards." I love researching and combining images in new and interesting ways and regularly do these for my professional design work.

This year, I'm looking to "level up" my curation skills by connecting two images each day. I've done a couple of them last year (see previous blog posts) and enjoyed the results; I must admit they have been quite time consuming as I pour over and edit so many images. I expect I'll be able to speed up the process as it goes along. If anyone has tips or tricks for sustaining this daily practice, streamlining the process, ease of posting, etc, please send them my way via comments section.

Over the winter holiday, I've been reading "The Creative Habit: Learn It and Use It for Life [Paperback]" by choreographer and dancer Twyla Tharp. It got me thinking a lot about my moodboards and she even has some exercises devoted to increasing one's metaphor quotient (ie. the ability to transform the meaning of one thing into something different). It will definitely be a challenge to do one a day. I'll have to keep myself from getting caught up in "perfecting" the moodboards and train myself to see and think faster. Excited to see what comes of it.

Note: I called this the Year of Moodboards above, which is certainly what this exercise intends to be. However, I'm officially dedicating this to a Year of Typography. I've already started a moleskine book with a hand drawn letter each day; I may occasionally post the progress here if the mood strikes me. I've also gotten addicted to Skillshare classes, signing up for not one but three calligraphy classes. It kicked off with Jessica Hische's Lettering for Designers and continues on from there. I'm up to 12 classes in my dashboard, WOW! It's all for a good cause as I intend to teach my own eventually. 

I hope you'll join me with your own creative projects and share the wealth of inspiration. Happy New Year!