Mini Moodboard: Topology

A mathematical study of shapes and spaces, concerned with continuous deformations, including stretching and bending (but not tearing or gluing). Think of the Möbius strip, which is characterized by one surface and one edge wrapping in on itself. Interestingly, the Möbius strip also symbolizes reicarnation in some cultures.

This weekend house, designed by McBride Charles Ryan, was created by passing a spiral back through itself. In the process, the architects revealed a series of continuous spatial relationships. The sharp origami-like forms of a timber frame and cement cladding contrast with a garment by Haider Ackermann, although both incorporate the principles of topology. With classic draping techniques, the fashion designer, beautifully transforms the fluid fabric, wrapping it around the human body.

keywords: connectedness, continuity, transformation
L) Klein Bottle House, 2008. Architecture by McBride Charles Ryan
R) from Haider Ackerman Spring 2010 RTW collection