Mini Moodboard: Geisha Girl

Here's a modern take on a geisha wearing a gorgeous, digitally printed dress by Mary Katrantzo. There's a purity about the image with the white snow and delicate features. At the same time, the woman conveys a sophistication and artistry, just as a geisha would. 

She's paired with a stylized image of blue cherry blossoms. Of course, the cherry blossom is a flower representative  of Japanese culture. It is richly symbolic and is used as a metaphor for the ephemeral nature of life. Its extreme beauty and short-life is often associated with mortality. A perfect fitting to close out the innocence lost series of moodboards.

Theme: Innocence Lost (V.8) 
Key words: snow, artist, apprentice, femininity, independence
L) Snow Angel fashion editorial for Harper's Bazaar. Photo by Miguel Reveriego. Dress by Mary Katrantzo.
R) Blue Cherry Blossoms. Image via