Mini Moodboard: Under Water

Some boards happen to come so much faster than the others. Does this mean that I'm getting better at seeing connections? In either case, creating a theme and spine as Twyla Tharp suggests in her book "The Creative Habit: Learn It and Use It for Life," definitely helps focus the work. 

The Black Letter moodboard from yesterday's post easily led me to ideas of: puritan, witches and drowning. The idea of accusation, suffocating or being under, certainly played into this theme of the week. Staring at the images together reminded me of two tracks – Under Ice and Waking the Witch – by the lovely songstress, Kate Bush. They would make a perfect musical accompaniment.

Theme: Innocence Lost (V.6) 
Key words: puritan, witch, frozen, suffocate, drowning
L) Frozen Water. Photo by Heidi Romano
R) Fashion photo by Alix Malka*


*Updated from the earlier version of this post. My friend and photographer James, clued me into the image source for this and I was able to set it right. Thank you.

Ok, a little rant here... I must say, I really hate when I can't find the original source of an image. Believe me, I take pains to include them, searching a trail of random links through the web. Doing so serves to credit the owner for which they should be acknowledged. It also helps point to his/her larger body of work; open up context for the inspiration and lead to other wonderful discoveries. Its funny to me how the grab for the limelight has never been greater in our techno-driven society. Yet, somehow, many people can't be bothered to include a simple credit. Enough said on this subject.