Mini Moodboard: Black Letter

I was pleasantly surprised by the results of this mood board. I originally created it for Sunday's post, but thought it was too beautiful to post when potential viewers were asleep. So Memento took its place and revealed a different path. 

Going back to the Tree of Knowledge, I reflected on religious texts and manuscripts with their black letter type. In this case its red, but black letter refers to a style of type not the color. My image research turned up tons of examples and this "A" was beautiful and sized just right for the board.  

Next, I needed a striking image to pair it with and landed on this gorgeous dress. The gown is medieval and monastic but in a completely contemporary way. It was only when I paired the images together in Photoshop that I realized the happy accident of a letter "A" and the red, somber dress from Valentino. As you will recall, Nathaniel Hawthorne sets his character, Hester Prynne, in 17th-century Puritanical Boston for the book The Scarlet Letter. She conceives a child through an adulterous affair and is branded with the letter "A" to publicly mark her shame. I fixed up the color of the letter from its original and there you have it, another variation on innocence lost.

Theme: Innocence Lost (V.5) 
Key words: black letter, illustrated manuscripts, monastic
L) The Golden A by Shannon Snow from her Illustrated Alphabet series.
) red dress by Valentino Fall 2013 RTW collection.