Concepts for Sephora: 
Beauty 24/7 and Beauty Lounge


Key trends: One-Click Everything; Be the Hub; Experiences Not Products; Kill the Checkout

PSFK Labs, a leading source for trends in design, advertising, and media invited Stark Design, along with creative agencies from around the world to generate product and service concepts that leverage its 2015 “Future of Retail” trends.  

As creative lead on the project, I didn't hesitate to chose Sephora as the target for our retail make-over. Certainly, it’s a best-in-class beauty destination; a category I know well and love; and who could resist the opportunity for field research. We also believed we could make an immediate impact with their future: the congested store environments told us so. We asked ourselves, “How can we create efficiencies and also respond to the restrictions of time, space and movement?” 

Our approach was to think across several trends and opportunities. From our initial exploration, we evolved two concepts that shared common ground by addressing pain points in the store, while also elevating the brand experience. In the case of Beauty 24/7, we sought to make the purchase and pick-up process easy and always available through an automat-style dispenser. For the second, Beauty Lounge, we conceived of flexible, in-store zones that encouraged customers to linger, learn, recharge and engage with the brand by offering the luxury of time and space.

As a supplement to the report, we were honored to present our research and concepts to a sold-out crowd at PSFK’s 2015 conference in New York City.

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