The New Yorker's Fresh Tracks

Feb 4, 2013 cover of The New Yorker I'm thrilled to share the cover of this week's New Yorker Magazine. It features a brilliant illustration, dubbed "Fresh Tracks," by German artist and designer, Birgit Schössow. The work shows an early-bird skier carving across the pristine white page. In doing so, she reveals a trail of words under the surface. The image is compelling for both its purity – so rare in magazine cover art – and its clever suggestion at the contents within. "Fresh Tracks" simultaneously appeals to snow junkies and literary geeks. Bravo Birgit!

source: The New Yorker written by: Nancy H.

Extreme Sledding

Snolo Sled Stealth-X Next time snowmaggedon hits Gotham and The Dark Knight needs to fight the elements, he will surely have Snolo Sled's Stealth-X on hand. This high performance alpine sled, clocking speeds of up to 40 mph/65 kph, is not for the faint of heart. It is comprised of three interlocking parts: a carbon fiber seat, a front-mounted mono-ski with foot pegs (used to ostensibly brake) and a connecting arm that allows the sled to transform into a backpack.

Created by a team of former and current police officers, in tandem with agency 4Design, the sled has already garnered an industrial design award in New Zealand. According to Sean Boyd, the company's Director, the sled is intended to make "sledding into a seriously cool adult pastime that wants to rub shoulders with the traditional sports of skiing and boarding." You'll need to have Bruce Wayne's bank account, since the sled will set you back $3000. Look for the website and product to launch Dec. 7th in the Northern Hemisphere.

source: Gear Patrol written by: Nancy H.

Retro ski postcards

Grilli Type Ski

Grilli Type postcards

In an effort to promote its typeface GT Walsheim, the folks at Grilli Type have served up a set of 26 retro postcards aptly named "Lithography ABC." Being design and snow geeks, we favor the sweet ski and uplifting Mont Blanc ones.  The geometric sans-serif font and printed cards are inspired by the work of Swiss poster artist Otto Baumberger.

Grilli Type Mont Blanc

source: Underconsideration written by: Nancy H.

On Your Mark, Get Stamped

Image To mark the start of the 2012 Summer Games, the Royal Mail UK has released a set of commemorate stamps. Four stamps seamlessly meld action shots of British athletes (diver, fencer, runners and cyclist) with some of London's most recognizable landmarks.

Created by Hat Trick, a multi-disciplinary agency, the stamps took a feat of endurance to realize. The creative team spent 15 months making sure the shots – the London Eye replicating a cyclist's wheel or the way a fencer's lunge meets with Tower Bridge – were perfectly aligned, as well as technically precise.

And, as British hopefuls rack up the gold, they too will be featured on special edition stamps throughout the course of the Olympics. The stamp will show a photo of the athlete or team from their gold-medal winning final. Where possible, these stamps feature a photograph of the athlete or team in action from their gold medal-winning final.


source: Design Boom, Design Week posted by: Nancy H

Lacoste Lab Launches "Dream" Products

Lacoste Lab Lacoste sees its innovation "Lab" as a link between the brand's legendary past and its future. It's not much of a stretch since founder, René Lacoste not only claims his place as a tennis champion and designer of the iconic polo shirt, but invented tennis rackets, golf clubs and bags, as well as a groundbreaking tennis-ball launching machine.

The collection of objects rely on a standard palette of white, black and green that gives them a striking effect altogether. And details, such as racket taping on the bike handles or the newsboy bicycle helmet, are a fitting use of the company's brand language.

Design Director, Christophe Pillet, collaborated with a hand full of specialized companies to create "dream" products, including skis (Black Crows), an urban performance bicycle (Look), a boomerang (3B), cricket rackets, helmets, soccer and rugby balls (Mitre Sports UK) and a surfboard (J.P. Stark/Notox) and concept car with Citroën. Several clothing items – surf shorts, a sailing jacket and a wetsuit also made their way into the collection.

Colette, the trendsetting boutique on Rue Saint-Honoré launched an exclusive retail preview of the collection during this month's busy fashion and interior design shows in Paris.

Lacoste Lab Bike Lacoste Lab Bike Lacoste Lab Bike HelmetLacoste Lab Cricket Racket Lacoste Lab Skis Lacoste Lab Navy Coat

source: Lacoste Lab posted by: Nancy H

Re-Imagining the Classic Sled

There's more than one way to get down the mountain. Here are a few innovative updates to the old-fashion sleigh design. Sleighs

1) This Porsche Design Studio bobsleigh will intimidate the competition with its sleek profile, black finish and low centre of gravity. And you'll be comfortable knowing it is fully tested by the German safety standards agency. £150.00 2&3) The German Sirch family has been designing wood products for over 300 years. Their Peak Snow Sled, made of steam-bent solid ash with stainless steel runners, is a beautiful update of the classic Swiss style. $459.00. 6) The Slalom Sled gets you close to the ground with its beautiful molded plywood design. And, the wide base gives it excellent flotation for those deep powder days. Have your name engraved for a nominal fee. $149.95-169.95. Mountain Boy Sledworks  5) Winner of the Industrial Designers Society of American and Business Week design awards, the Hammerhead Sled is an ergonomically design model for those who crave precision handling in the snow. You can pimp your sleigh with extras like lights, side-view mirrors, a horn, and interchangeable runners. $349.00. 4) The Lesto sled is akin to an Eames chair for the slopes. Designed by Sebastian Götte, the concept design is made of two molded plywood parts for good shock absorption and a comfortable upright position.

posted by: Nancy H.

Make it Count with Nike+ Fuelband

Nike+ Fuelband 1 I'm not normally one to go in for gadgets, not withstanding anything by Apple. And I prefer high touch to high tech. However, this Nike+ Fuelband, made to synchronize with the iPhone, caught my attention as something both stylish, practical and discreet.

The sleek wristband tracks your daily (or nightly) activities with an accelerometer and displays them with tiny LEDs. The USB port is seamlessly designed into the band or connect with Bluetooth. Walking, dancing, running and other indoor pursuits are readily converted to information you can use, like calorie count or endurance. And, when you're not in performance mode, it doubles as a pretty cool watch. As with next season's handbag or latest restaurant opening, you'll have to get in line and pre-order through Nike. Retail price will run you $149.00

Nike+ Fuelband 3

Nike+ Fuelband 2

via Cool Material; source Nike posted by: Nancy H.

Meyerhoffer Surfboards: Crafting a Curve

Meyerhoffer 2 surfboards If Apple created surfboards, they would probably look something like this – a curvaceous shape, snow-white skin, crisp graphics and pops of bright color. These surfboards are the brainchild of Thomas Meyerhoffer, a Swedish industrial designer, who has, in fact, worked on Jonathan Ive's team at Apple. In addition, Meyerhoffer has a considerable pedigree, creating windsurfing sails for Neil Pryde, snowboard bindings for Flow and googles for Smith + Scott, among others.

After his stint at Apple, Meyerhoffer set up shop in his Bay Area Studio – just blocks from the waves and merged his design experience with a passion for surfing. The unique hourglass shape (fusing key elements of long and short boards) was vetted through numerous prototypes and test rides. Although his intention was to propel the rider's experience forward, Meyerhoffer effectively challenged the conventional concept of a board in an industry that seemed to resist innovation. Ten years later, he's still evolving his namesake line of surfboards with the latest release of Meyerhoffer 2.

Meyerhoffer Surfboards

Meyerhoffer Surfboards

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Moncler + Rimowa Take to the Skies

rimowa-moncler-go-on-holiday-suitcase-1 More collaborations from Moncler, as the luxe outerwear brand takes to the skies with its new Rimowa "Go on Holiday" custom trolley. For Moncler, Rimowa reinterprets its "Classic Flight" cabin case to include a brushed "M" logo, padded handles, a special Moncler address tag and a set of soft accessories: shoe, laundry and utility bags, plus a small beauty case. In standard fashion, the luggage features traditional crossover packing straps, padded interior, hard aluminum exterior and two TSA-compatible combination locks to keep your intimates from going astray.

The German suitcase maker, known for its distinctive grooved design and celebrity following, has been pioneering luggage since 1898.  Approximately 200 individual components make up these hand-crafted pieces of indestructible German engineering. Moncler + Rimowa are a perfect match to feed your powder-seeking wanderlust.


via: Trendland, source: Moncler posted by: Nancy H.

2011 Gift Guide: The Sailor

2011 Gifts for the Sailor1) Pop open a bottle of Moët & Chandon and toast the season (holiday and racing) with your crew. Celebrate this champagne maker for its sponsorship of many fine sporting events throughout the year, including yacht racing. 2) To get or to give. The RS100 won big in Sailing World's 25th Boat of the Year awards. At 14 feet, this singlehanded dinghy “will keep both intermediate and advanced sailors engaged. From $11,000. 3) They'll keep the water at bay with SLAM's Russell Coutts–designed "RC" Spray Top. It's bold and striking and offers perfect attention to detail. $285. 4) JLK's unisex nautical clip bracelets are just the right amount of utilitarian and style. Sliding knots make the sailing paracord and stainless steel clip fully adjustable. $28. Need Supply 5) Give your first mate a needlepoint pillow, rug or blanket decorated with the classic anchor motif from Jonathan Adler. Available in several color combinations. $110-650.