Sweden Introduces the Electric Snowmobile

Electric Snowmobile There are more than 450,000 snowmobiles registered in Scandinavia, fully one-third of which are found the snowy expanses of northern Sweden. So it's little wonder that Pontus Sandell, CEO of AB Elmacchina, seized upon the market potential. He worked with the Vehicle Technical Centre, a group of automotive companies in Östersund, to develop the world’s first prototype for an electric snowmobile.

According to Sandell, “this is a unique product, but it’s as natural as the electric cars that are coming onto the market. Perhaps the most important feature is that our scooter is virtually silent. It’s also free from fumes, odors, oil and climate-changing carbon dioxide.” While Elmacchina can’t yet compete with gasoline-powered snowmobiles in terms of range and power, the company is intent on improving its performance.

The electric snowmobile allows ski resorts, tour companies and other venues to further their commitment to sustainable development. It also gives both visitors and wildlife the enjoyment of a pristine mountain landscape that's as quiet as the first snowfall.

Elmacchina vehicles are slated for availability late 2011.

via: Advantage Environment. source El Macchina (+46 70 6580530) posted: Nancy H.

Destination: Arctic Circle

Kakslauttanen Igloo Village If you want to get a little closer to heaven, check into the Igloo Village at Hotel Kakslauttanen. Located in the outer reaches of Finland's Lapland, These glowing, pods are the perfect spot for gazing at celestial sphere. Guests may be even be fortunate enough to glimpse the magical Aurora Borealis.

Aurora Borealis Photo: Senior Airman Joshua Strang

Each of the 20 igloos are outfitted with the classic Nordic amenity, a personal sauna. The village features four restaurants and a full menu of outdoor activities from cross-country skiing and snowboarding, to snowmobiling and ice karting. If you're feeling particularly pioneering, opt for a husky safari where you'll be teamed up with six dogs (from a larger pack of 250) and a sled.

And, lest you get lonely out under the crystal-clear skies, Finland is home to Nokia and boasts coverage throughout the farthest reaches of the country.

via Aether Apparel; source Hotel Kakslauttanen