Fall Regatta Picks: Dark 'n' Stormy

Dark 'n' Stormy cocktail While the dark 'n' stormy cocktail is traditionally meant to be paired with golden Caribbean sunsets, it may easily bring to mind the swirling clouds, dropping temperatures and threatening rain of a Fall regatta. The drink has its roots in Bermuda, and quite naturally, was picked up as a favorite among the Brits and Australians. The drink emigrated up the Eastern seaboard along with the sailing set and most ports towns and yacht clubs from Maine to Maryland feature some version of the dark 'n' stormy on its menu.

The highball gets its name from the very dark rum (usually Goslings) and the exotic, headstrong ginger beer (ideally homemade) with fresh lime. Its combined ingredients are intended to give the flagging sailor a good, stiff rousing. And, that it does.

via T Magazine author: Nancy H

Fall Regatta Picks: J Craft Torpedo

J Craft Torpedo I'll probably catch some heat from the serious sailors out there, but the J Craft Torpedo is just too beautiful to deny. In a series of posts dedicated to regattas, it certainly earns its place.

Each of these vintage-style cruisers is handcrafted on the Swedish island of Gotland, home to the country's boat-building industry since the days of the Vikings. Owned by venture capitalist and avid motorist, Johan Attvik, J Craft launches offer state-of-the-art technology, paired with eco-conscious production and exquisite details. According to the company, the boat carries a fuel capacity of 350 nautical miles, ensuring that all of the Mediterranean's most glamorous destinations – from Ibiza to Monaco and on to Palermo – are readily accessible for those champagne refills.

J Craft Torpedo

Background note: a nice confluence of topics led me to this posting. The upcoming New York Classic Week (Oct 8, 9 & 10) featuring the Monaco Friendship Regatta; Jetsetter's flash sale on Sweden's Hotel J (ending in three days) and a recent sighting of Viking vampire Eric Northman (aka Alexander Skarsgård).

via Nowness; source J Craft author: Nancy H

Fall Regatta Picks: SLAM Spray Top

SLAM RC Spray Top Many companies can claim performance, but Italian-based SLAM also makes some of the best looking foul-weather gear out there. The colors and graphics are bright, bold and striking. The RC Spray Top – designed with input from Russell Coutts (three-time winner of the America's Cup) – are well-suited for short-distance racing because they get the job done without a lot of excessive fabric or detail. SLAM's Advanced Technology Fabric not only makes the RCs waterproof, windproof, and breathable, it also makes them lightweight and easily compressible, leaving room in your gear bag for other essentials.

SLAM RC Spray Top detail

I'm also taken by the company's attention to design details, such as the thermo-taped stitching (see above), which makes the apparel as elegant as it is functional. The cuffs are neoprene for maximum grip and have an easy ergonomic closure. And, last but surely not least, the dual collar with individual closures is guaranteed to keep water and wind out. The top comes in unisex sizing and is listed at $280 MSR. author: Nancy H


Fall Regatta Picks: Sailing Boots

The Fall calendar is loaded with sailing regattas around the NYC / Long Island Sound. Since I have to stock up, I thought it would be great to do a series of posts featuring foul-weather gear that looks great and performs. Sperry Women's Ventus BootNo Fall season would be complete without a boot to covet. So, I'm kicking off the week with the Ventus boot by Sperry Top-Sider, a company that is synonymous with the boat shoe. The nubuck waterproof upper sports gladiator-like shin guards – great for darting around on deck. It also features a lightweight midsole with Sperry's signature Wave-Siping™ grip for wet or dry traction. And, the Ventus utilizes a buckle and velcro closure system for a snug fit, much like a ski boot. Bonus accent: the hint of vivid red peeking out from the top. Available in both men's and women's styles.

source: Sperry Top-Sider author: Nancy H