Moncler FW2012 Takes to the Ice

Moncler FW2012_00 We can always count on Moncler Grenoble to give us an imaginative fashion show and FW2012 did not disappoint. As a follow up to its flashmob presentation in Grand Central Station last year, the Italian outerwear brand took to the ice in perfect form for New York Fashion Week. With a dusting of snow on the ground, Central Park's Wollman Rink was the perfect setting to show off its cold-weather collection of ski jackets, leg warmers, sweaters, gloves and puffy vests. Professional athletes – 180 of them – were teamed up for three monochrome segments of blue, red and white/gray against a backdrop of city lights. Here are a few more images of the event and collection from last Sunday night.

Moncler by DS 01

Moncler by DS 03

Moncler by DS 05 Moncler FW2012_06 Moncler FW2012_01 Moncler FW2012_02 Moncler FW2012_03

source: posted by: Nancy H.

Moncler Grenoble celebrates at NY Fashion Week

Moncler Grenoble 2011 Fashion Show Much to the delight of champagne-sipping guests and surprised commuters, Moncler Grenoble staged a flash mob-style fashion show in the middle of Grand Central Station for its 2011 Fall Collection. The French fashion house, celebrated for it's exquisite puffy jackets, pulled off a major traffic-stopping dance number, in the midst of a season it practically owns. Moncler choreographed 160 down- and mitten-clad models to the tunes of Barbra Streisand, the O'Jays and Prince. The mustard, berry and grey collection is sure to brighten anyone's season. View the official video here.