Fall Regatta Picks: Dark 'n' Stormy

Dark 'n' Stormy cocktail While the dark 'n' stormy cocktail is traditionally meant to be paired with golden Caribbean sunsets, it may easily bring to mind the swirling clouds, dropping temperatures and threatening rain of a Fall regatta. The drink has its roots in Bermuda, and quite naturally, was picked up as a favorite among the Brits and Australians. The drink emigrated up the Eastern seaboard along with the sailing set and most ports towns and yacht clubs from Maine to Maryland feature some version of the dark 'n' stormy on its menu.

The highball gets its name from the very dark rum (usually Goslings) and the exotic, headstrong ginger beer (ideally homemade) with fresh lime. Its combined ingredients are intended to give the flagging sailor a good, stiff rousing. And, that it does.

via T Magazine author: Nancy H