Givenchy's Black Surfers


Riccardo Tisci dives in deep for his sea inspired collection at Givenchy. The Spring 2012 "Black Surfers" ad campaign, seen here, was shot by the prolific duo Mert & Marcus. Beach beauty Gisele Bundchen and Mariacarla Boscono, along with their males counterparts Chris Moore and Simone Nobili lend an air of nonchalance against a backdrop of impending storm surge.

Tisci makes use of oversized shark-tooth pendants, shell-pink colors, dorsal fin curves and shimmering scale-like textures to play out the underwater theme. Contrary to the overworked nautical theme, this collection and accompanying ads effectively navigate the dark side of the ocean, a healthy reminder that it's still a place where predators feed, swells loom large and night descends all around us.

Givenchy S12_1Givenchy S12_2 via Trendland, posted by: Nancy H.