2011 Gift Guide: The Surfer

2011 Gifts for the Surfer1) Pair a carbon fiber Chanel surfboard with a weekend  stay at The Surf Lodge in Montauk, NY. Inquire at Chanel boutiques. 2) Dive into Stoked: The Evolution of Action Sports for a deluxe edition with world-class photography and design. Besides, I would be remiss if I didn't recommend my best friend's book . From $100. Amazon 3) Inspired by the surf films of the 1960s, the Thomas Board Short combines retro styling with modern functionality. $75. Saturdays NYC 4) Make waves with Pret a Surf's mondrian long-sleeve rash guard. $190. Opening Ceremony 5) These Ray-Ban Outdoorsman II Rainbow aviators are pure classic gold metal frames updated with white accents. $145.  6) Get beach-body ready on the Ripsurfer X machine for the core strength and endurance achieved by pro-surfers. 8 week camp, $285Surfset Fitness 7) Missoni beach towels, with their wave-inspired patterns and beachy colors, are the perfect accessory for athlete or fashionista. From $205. 

Coco's Game Point

Chanel tennis racket

It's unlikely you'll see this faux wood graphite tennis racket anywhere near the courts of the US Open, but Chanel sure does make it look good. One can imagine it beautifully paired with a drop waist white dress and string of pearls on the grass-green lawns of Deauville. After all, it was Coco who famously made tanning chic. Fashion and tennis have been fabulous doubles partners ever since.

Coco Chanel and vintage tennis