Make it Count with Nike+ Fuelband

Nike+ Fuelband 1 I'm not normally one to go in for gadgets, not withstanding anything by Apple. And I prefer high touch to high tech. However, this Nike+ Fuelband, made to synchronize with the iPhone, caught my attention as something both stylish, practical and discreet.

The sleek wristband tracks your daily (or nightly) activities with an accelerometer and displays them with tiny LEDs. The USB port is seamlessly designed into the band or connect with Bluetooth. Walking, dancing, running and other indoor pursuits are readily converted to information you can use, like calorie count or endurance. And, when you're not in performance mode, it doubles as a pretty cool watch. As with next season's handbag or latest restaurant opening, you'll have to get in line and pre-order through Nike. Retail price will run you $149.00

Nike+ Fuelband 3

Nike+ Fuelband 2

via Cool Material; source Nike posted by: Nancy H.

Meyerhoffer Surfboards: Crafting a Curve

Meyerhoffer 2 surfboards If Apple created surfboards, they would probably look something like this – a curvaceous shape, snow-white skin, crisp graphics and pops of bright color. These surfboards are the brainchild of Thomas Meyerhoffer, a Swedish industrial designer, who has, in fact, worked on Jonathan Ive's team at Apple. In addition, Meyerhoffer has a considerable pedigree, creating windsurfing sails for Neil Pryde, snowboard bindings for Flow and googles for Smith + Scott, among others.

After his stint at Apple, Meyerhoffer set up shop in his Bay Area Studio – just blocks from the waves and merged his design experience with a passion for surfing. The unique hourglass shape (fusing key elements of long and short boards) was vetted through numerous prototypes and test rides. Although his intention was to propel the rider's experience forward, Meyerhoffer effectively challenged the conventional concept of a board in an industry that seemed to resist innovation. Ten years later, he's still evolving his namesake line of surfboards with the latest release of Meyerhoffer 2.

Meyerhoffer Surfboards

Meyerhoffer Surfboards

via Bless This Stuff; source Meyerhoffer posted by: Nancy H.