In Search of Snow In Search of Snow is a beautifully done promotional video for Bentley Motors. The short is an unexpected pairing of big mountain skier Chris Davenport with the luxury car brand, but it works – from the black  & white filming to his evocative narrative. Davenport and his photo friend test the all-wheel drive capabilities of the Bentley as they tour the San Juan Mountains in southwest Colorado in search of snow and extreme terrain. There's no question when Davenport says that the journey, adventure and discovering things about yourself is "what we live for."

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POC's Ergo Exoskeleton Inspired by a Bug's Life

Spine Ergo BUG POC's Spine Ergo BUG is another fine example of biomimicry in design. The body protection gear is perfect for those who like to catapult themselves down the mountain doing injury–inducing double corks or at breakneck speeds. This lightweight spine protector, which follows the back's natural curve, features shoulder straps and an adjustable waistband for a more customized fit. The hard shell, created as interlocking panels, is sturdy enough to handle multiple impacts while the ventilation system transports moisture (ie. sweat) away and lets fresh air circulate.

POC, the Swedish company known largely for its sleek, functional helmets, has collaborated with specialists in spinal cord injuries to design a flexible system that is comfortable to wear and, most importantly, withstands the force of impact. Although this product is unlikely to be seen by adoring eyes, POC continues to produce exceptional design in equal measure to its safety, quality and performance commitment.

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Ana Soler: Causa-Efecto

Ana Soler: Causa-Efecto installation art Causa-Efecto (Cause-Effect), an installation by Ana Soler recently caught our eye as it has multiplied across art/design sites. Like many contemporary artists, the Spanish-born Soler prefers working with the repetitive possibilities of everyday objects like dangerously dangling hundreds of scissors from the ceiling and creating swarms of spoons, coins or knives. In her most recent work, Soler hung 2,000 tennis balls throughout the Mustang Art Gallery in Alicante. The balls are organized in suspended trajectories that appear to bounce off walls, floors and other surfaces. Depending on your perspective, this web-like environment could be a playful call-to-action or Agassi's childhood nightmare of the practice equipment gone ballistic.

Ana Soler: Causa-Efecto installation art Ana Soler: Causa-Efecto installation art

Ana Soler: Causa-Efecto installation art

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Ring in the New Year, It's 2012!

Jumpset New Year 2012 Greetings! It's 2012 and we're already a few days into the new year. I trust you rang in the holidays with great fun and style. Perhaps you were kicking up your heels slopeside or relaxing on a sailboat surrounded by blue Caribbean waters. Personally, I spent the holidays in Salt Lake City with my favorite Lipstick (one red, the other by Burton) praying for fresh powder and hitting up every great restaurant around.

In any case, it's time to get back to business. The wheels are already in motion for a great year of Jumpset. The next few months will see a sleek new site design. Also on deck for 2012 – more original content and discerning contributors to go along with great ideas and inspiration for your sporting lifestyle. I hope you check back often to read, comment and share.

Cheers, Nancy


So here it is. The very first post of JUMPSET "Luxury. In Motion." It's an idea that's been brewing for sometime now. It represents the combined passions of design, sports, travel and the opportunity to create a blessed lifestyle. I have spent days in search of powder in Switzerland, Bariloche, and Whistler. I have sailed in crystal Caribbean waters and out of City Island on sultry summer nights. I have attended three Winter Olympic Games (Salt Lake, Turino & Vancouver) and figure skated as a kid under the tutelage of a world class coach.

Some of my friends are elite swimmers, sailing pros, creative directors of sports brands and others many who are just passionate about the sport(s) they play. BTW, there seems to be a cross-over affect among these people. One thrilling pursuit is not enough. If you get hooked on an expensive, all-consuming winter sport, there's usually a summer counterpart.

Last, but not least. I'm also an art director and designer. I have spent years learning from some of the best in the industry, from Michael Kors and Fabian Baron to L'Oréal and I.D. Magazine. Ultimately, my design, editorial, lifestyle branding and fashion background will inform the context for this endeavor.

JUMPSET will be a resource like no other. It will dive deep into the world of luxury sports and lifestyle. I hope you find as much inspiration here as I do.

Olympic Rings in Whistler Village

P.S. Although I usually want everything to be "just so" before presenting it for all to see, I just couldn't wait any longer to jumpstart an idea whose time had come. You'll notice changes big and small over the coming months, so keep checking back for updates. And if you like what you see/read, kindly tell others.