POC's Ergo Exoskeleton Inspired by a Bug's Life

Spine Ergo BUG POC's Spine Ergo BUG is another fine example of biomimicry in design. The body protection gear is perfect for those who like to catapult themselves down the mountain doing injury–inducing double corks or at breakneck speeds. This lightweight spine protector, which follows the back's natural curve, features shoulder straps and an adjustable waistband for a more customized fit. The hard shell, created as interlocking panels, is sturdy enough to handle multiple impacts while the ventilation system transports moisture (ie. sweat) away and lets fresh air circulate.

POC, the Swedish company known largely for its sleek, functional helmets, has collaborated with specialists in spinal cord injuries to design a flexible system that is comfortable to wear and, most importantly, withstands the force of impact. Although this product is unlikely to be seen by adoring eyes, POC continues to produce exceptional design in equal measure to its safety, quality and performance commitment.

source: POC Sports posted by: Nancy H.