Freemotion Ski Boots

Freemotion ski boots Freemotion ski boots look to be a game-changer for the next generation of carvers. The Austrian team of Kurt Hilgarth and Prof. Heinz Petanjek spent years developing the Freemotion® system, a combination of comfortable inner boot and solid exo-shell. Hard and soft are secured together with an ankle buckle for support and control. A front entry zipper, similar to mountaineering boots, allows for ease of entry, while the side-mounted power string control boosts the skier's energy transmission efficiency. All this technology adds up to full control with less fatigue. Finally, skiers will be able to enjoy the flexibility and  convenience that snowboarders have counted on for years.

Freemotion ski boot

For now, the boots are only available through Austrian ski shops at €399, but check the company's website for wider release, as they're sure to gain a foothold at ski resorts everywhere.

via: Gear Patrol. source: Freemotion® posted by: Nancy H.