Audi's Q3 Vail Unveiled

Audi Q3 VailAudi Q3 Vail interior Audi just unveiled the new Audi Q3 Vail at this year's Detroit Motor Show. As a variation on the SUV crossover concept, the premium vehicle has been designed to target a younger generation of winter sports enthusiasts who love skiing or snowboarding. The vibrant red car boasts a sporty design (evident in the sloped tail), carbon fiber roof rail support specifically for sports gear and a Thermos compatible cup holder to keep beverages warm or cold. There is also an interior charging station for flashlights. The lights contain an infra-red heating element that can also be used to warm gloves. Anyone (like me) who has had to slip his or her feet into stone cold boots will appreciate this feature.

Until recently, the car was only slated for European and Asian release. American dealers were so enthusiastic for the concept, the German automaker felt obliged to import the Q3 Vail to the States. Europeans will see the SUV on their roads later this year. The U.S. timetable will lag approximately eight to 12 months and come with a potential price tag in the mid-$30,000s.

source: Digital News Agency, posted by: Nancy H.