Weekend Retreat: Norwegian Boathouse

Norwegian Boathouse Norwegian Boathouse

Norwegian Boathouse

Since Norway is considered a leader in weekend cabins, it's no surprise that architects TYIN tegnestue would be called upon to build a boathouse with as much attention to detail as most houses.

Located in Aure, More og Romsdal, and called Naust paa Aure (Boathouse Aure), the structure is built with wood reclaimed from the original boathouse, which dated to the 1800s. Indeed, some of the paneling is 150 years old. It’s mixed with an exterior of Norwegian pine that’s treated with a sugar cane byproduct to give it a grey hue that settles nicely into the landscape. So, too, does the fact that the boathouse is built around and on top of the site’s boulders, which peek under one of the walls and remind that habitation is temporary compared to the endurance of rock.

via: Adventure Journal; photographer Pasi Aalto posted by: Nancy H.