Snarkitecture's Ping-Pong Projects

Ping-Pong Apartment by Snarkitecture Daniel Arsham has a fascination with ping-pong balls. It shows in several of the projects he's created with his Snarkitecture partner Alex Mustonen. The two collaborators take on projects that investigate structure, material and program  to serve new and imaginative purposes. Case in point: Arsham's living quarters in Brooklyn, New York are a mere 90 sq. ft. but presented the designer/artist an opportunity to experiment with 25,000 ping-pong balls, presumably remainders from other projects. There is only a bed and shelves in the room, so the owner can have a place of rest and contemplation. Colors gradate from dark to light and illumination on the ceiling and counter mirrors on opposite walls allow the space to visually expand. The interior design project was completed into two months at a cost of just under $9000, making it a cool $100/square foot.

Ping-Pong Apartment by Daniel Arsham

Ping-Pong Apartment by Daniel Arsham

Safety note: the creatives at Snarkitecture had the good sense to ditch the hot plate and treat the balls with a fire-retardant intumescent coating. Smart play, since these little decorative spheres are highly flammable.

Pixel Clouds by Daniel Arsham

Above: Arsham shown with an earlier (2010) work "Pixel Clouds," from his solo exhibition at Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin in Paris.

via Fast Company and Colossal; source Snarkitecture posted by: Nancy H.