Limited Edition: K2 and Rolling Stones Skis

K2 + Rolling Stones skisK2 and the Rolling Stones have announced an unlikely collaboration to celebrate their respective 50th year anniversaries – skis. Perhaps it is a fitting gift to all the ski bums who define a generation of mavericks. K2 worked closely with the band to create four quintessential Stones graphics. The different sets feature unique graphics, such as the band’s original concert set list, lyrics and rare photographs from the band. Foremost among the graphic emblems are the iconic Rolling Stones Lip and Tongue logo and the K2 logo. The first of four Rolling Stones skis will be available on the versatile all-terrain rocker SideShow chassis. They will roll out across the globe and be available at K2 Authorized dealers on November 15, 2011.

source K2 posted: Nancy H