Weekend retreats

Until I have my own little cabin, nestled in the snowy mountains, I'm going to fill my idea file with the results of other people's efforts. Here's the first in a series of postings dedicated to that idea known as the weekend chalet – a retreat, escape, sanctuary or temporary respite from the everyday. What will characterized these small houses is an informal chicness in body and spirit, as well as the proximity to sporting activities. The inspiration can be credited to the Adventure Journal, but it will surely take on a life of its own. Inspiration: Kvitfjell, Norway

weekend cabin 1: Kvitfjell, Norway

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Per Yngland and Hanne Borge-Yngland had their priorities straight when they set about creating their weekend cabin in Kvitfjell, Norway. It had to be at the ski area that he’d spent most of his days shredding; the one that also served as the alpine downhill course for the 1994 Lillehammer Olympics. The entry needed to accommodate a family of four getting in and out of their boots and gear. They wanted to see sunrise from kitchen and sunset from the living room. The rooms should be open and airy so the kids could run around. And it should be a traditional log cabin.

While the log cabin layout had to be compromised, what they gained is a large, open, light-filled space. Hanne, who owns an interior furnishings store in Oslo called Bolina, pulled together the part rustic, part tongue-in-chic contemporary look. Case in point is the smoking skull pillow that serves as a centerpiece for a rough-hewn wood sleigh bed. This Norwegian delight gets regular use from autumn through spring, and it isn't hard to see why.

via Adventure Journal posting by: Nancy H