The Art of Flight

Travis Rice in Chile We interrupt our scheduled US Open Tennis posts to bring you a special announcement. Snowboard pioneer and X-Game medalist Travis Rice just dropped his latest film premiere "The Art of Flight" in NYC. Every year Travis and his bro shredders (on hand for the screening) amp up the challenge with a little help from Red Bull. This movie does not disappoint. View the trailer below, but you'll have to buy the film (now available on iTunes) to fully capture the breathtaking cinematography and beautiful motion graphics orchestrated by Curt Morgan and his team at Brain Farm. Go ahead, we'll wait while you check it out...

Now, if you're anything like us, you seriously started itching for that first – oh. so.wonderful – winter snowfall. To hook you up, Jetsetter has generously rounded up a pre-season collection of lodging deals, including Aspen and Jackson Hole, two of Rice's playgrounds. Follow me for your connection to this invitation-only travel site. See you on the slopes in 78 days!

Aspen village at night