So here it is. The very first post of JUMPSET "Luxury. In Motion." It's an idea that's been brewing for sometime now. It represents the combined passions of design, sports, travel and the opportunity to create a blessed lifestyle. I have spent days in search of powder in Switzerland, Bariloche, and Whistler. I have sailed in crystal Caribbean waters and out of City Island on sultry summer nights. I have attended three Winter Olympic Games (Salt Lake, Turino & Vancouver) and figure skated as a kid under the tutelage of a world class coach.

Some of my friends are elite swimmers, sailing pros, creative directors of sports brands and others many who are just passionate about the sport(s) they play. BTW, there seems to be a cross-over affect among these people. One thrilling pursuit is not enough. If you get hooked on an expensive, all-consuming winter sport, there's usually a summer counterpart.

Last, but not least. I'm also an art director and designer. I have spent years learning from some of the best in the industry, from Michael Kors and Fabian Baron to L'Oréal and I.D. Magazine. Ultimately, my design, editorial, lifestyle branding and fashion background will inform the context for this endeavor.

JUMPSET will be a resource like no other. It will dive deep into the world of luxury sports and lifestyle. I hope you find as much inspiration here as I do.

Olympic Rings in Whistler Village

P.S. Although I usually want everything to be "just so" before presenting it for all to see, I just couldn't wait any longer to jumpstart an idea whose time had come. You'll notice changes big and small over the coming months, so keep checking back for updates. And if you like what you see/read, kindly tell others.